Geraldine McColgan


Geraldine has provided myself and my team of Liz Earle therapists with an engaging and insightful masterclass in Nutrition, specifically relating it to skin health and optimum wellbeing. Geraldine has such a wealth of knowledge yet delivers the in depth information incredibly well, keeping everyone engaged, and enabling it to be digestible so that the information stays with each and everyone.

Geraldine has such energy and passion for her subject that it becomes completely contagious and my whole team left the course genuinely inspired. I would highly recommend this programme to take Beauty/Skin Experts/Therapists to an even more holistic level when looking for specific skin solutions and ways to boost natural health.

Karen B. Treatement Education Manager & Expert at Liz Earle Beauty

Geraldine is a brilliant and passionate speaker and a wonderful therapist. As a nutritionist her great skill is her ability to deconstruct very scientific information so that the layman can simply understand valuable nutritional insights.

At Anamchara Detox Retreats, Geraldine's talks are always highly rated by the guests, she loves what she teaches and her excitement for her subject coupled with her sense of her humour means that all listeners are enthralled. In addition to her ability as a speaker Geraldine is also a wonderful therapist, she pays great attention to detail, and is dedicated to her clients and their outcome.

I enthusiastically recommend Geraldine without any hesitation, she is a pleasure to know and joy to work with. Anyone who deals with Geraldine is on to a good thing.

Karen Boyle, Owner at Anamchara Detox Retreats

Geraldine has worked with me for the last 5 years and has been a dedicated and passionate Trainer at Aromatherapy Associates, and has developed into a truly rounded individual who has a "can do" attitude and will be an asset to any company or environment she works in.

She will be sorely missed at Aromatherapy Associates, but I know will move onto bigger and better things. I would work with her again, if the opportunity arose.

Louis Riby. Spa, Lifestyle and Wellness

Geraldine has been massaging me regularly for the past two years. She is a marvel, and without fail I feel relaxed, de-stressed and energised after every session.

I could not recommend her more.

Rachel A. West London