Geraldine McColgan

Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

With 25 years experience, I work intuitively, creating a bespoke massage for each client, combining a range of dynamic massage  techniques. These include deep tissue, soft tissue release, reflexology and reiki  to help clear blocks, reduce stress, improve physical and emotional health and give an elevated sense of wellbeing.


Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage using smooth, warm volcanic basalt stones combined with aromatherapy oils to instantly ease muscular tension, induce deep relaxation and target problem areas effectively.  Deeply relaxing and healing.

Hot stone massage must be pre booked.  

Pregnancy massage

Specialist pregnancy massage for the mum-to-be, targeting areas of strain and stress developed during pregnancy.  Choose from a selection of oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for skin, helping to prevent stretch marks.

Suitable from week 14.

Facials can also be offered during any stage for pregnancy.

Abdominal Sacral Massage

Utilising my knowledge of the digestive system from colonic hydrotherapy training, abdominal sacral massage focuses on the abdomen and the lumbar and sacral spine. The abdominal cavity and pelvic area contain the small and large intestines and reproductive organs and are supplied by nerves from the lumbar and sacral spine. Abdominal sacral massage helps to nourish all the tissues within this area. It can help to loosen blockages, encouraging regular movements.

Cancer Touch massage

Holistic massage therapy for those diagnosed with cancer is safe and gentle and has been approved and endorsed by the medical profession. Offering nurturing wellness massage using natural products for the face and body to encourage relaxation and relieve tension, these treatments are suitable whether you have cancer or are in recovery.

I have studied with the Made for life foundation and Wellness for Cancer to obtain qualifications to enable me to offer safe and effective treatments treatments during this time.

A telephone consultation prior to the treatment is necessary.

Please can you advise  in advance of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that could affect your  treatment when making your booking.