Geraldine McColgan

Facials (50 or 80 minutes)

It is estimated that the skin can absorb up to 2kgs of chemicals a year from toiletries and cosmetics. I believe in using natural, plant-based aromatherapy skincare products on the skin to enhance natural glow.

Truly holistic facials explore internal and external wellbeing and can help to treat a variety of concerns such as ageing, oily or blemished, stressed out city skin, and out of condition dry and dehydrated skin.

I use dynamic techniques like acupressure, lymphatic drainage, lifting and sculpting movements and tools like rose quartz or Jade rollers to lift and tone and re energise the skin.

The skin is a mirror to the health of the body and may reflect poor detoxification. If necessary, detoxification pathways may be supported during a facial with reflexology or a colon stimulating abdominal massage. Testing may be recommended to fully support skin such as food intolerance or stool tests.

A customised facial can be booked including a unique handmade mask which I will create drawing on my naturopathic knowledge